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Hello my name is Donna. Thanks for visiting. I live in an Edwardian house in inner city Manchester, I love Baking, car booting, hunting around charity shops, and crafting.I work full time.I have two grown up children. And lots of spare time.

Sunday, 19 November 2017



We have had a flood in our house. When it rains it has started to flood into our cellar.This all started on the 19th September.   I contacted the insurance company and they sent a company out to dry my walls.

We lived with this equipment in the cellar,lounge and kitchen for five weeks. It was an absolute nightmare! the noise and heat were exhausting!!

We were going to extend our kitchen and sort our cellar out next year, but because of this we decided to bring it all forward.

The Insurance company sent a company out to look at the drains.

    They dug this part of the garden up. When I asked them why they said the drain was broke he had seen it on his camera. I disagreed with him as we thought it was the drain at the back door.Because when we put the hose down there it came in.

We started the cellar on the Tuesday. 


 By the Saturday they had more or less finished tanking it. It started to rain and this is what happened. To say we were mad was an understatement.

The insurance company were contacted the next day Sunday.  And guess what they were closed!! 

What's that all about CLOSED when people need them in EMERGENCIES. Well you can imagine what i told them when I eventually spoke to them on the Monday morning.

It was then discovered that when he had replaced to WRONG drain he had dislodged my soil stack.

A different company came out to look at it and to cut a long story short they are coming to replace  the broken drain tomorrow. eight weeks after we first reported it. My  lounge is still in my hall.I have no wall paper on one of the walls. The kitchen floor needs to come up because the joists are gone and it feels like my cooker is about to go through  the floor.

The cellar   Progress. The plasterer is coming on Tuesday. the electrician  after that. It should all be done for next week.  

We are waiting until after Christmas until we start the Kitchen Dining room Extension.

On a nicer note my eldest daughter is taking me here on Tuesday night to see Lisa Stansfield



October was a busy month we went to London for a few days to see Harry Potter the stage play. And while we were there we visited  all the usual tourist hot spots. 

Friday, 6 October 2017

I'm back

I am really bad at this!! I don't mean to go for long periods of time without posing it just seems to happen.
I think about posting all the time and the next thing I know weeks, months, years  have past.
Well what have I been doing since I was last here.
We have travelled a lot.


New York 


Cape Verde


That was all last year

We have travelled this year and met some lovely people. That's why I love travelling you get to meet lovely interesting people. We are very lucky to travel so much.

My daughter and I are going to London for a few days next week. We were lucky enough to get tickets to

When I get back I have to concentrate on this. 

We have had a massive silent leak in our house so we will have to clip our wings a little until it is all fixed.

We have decided to tank the cellar and turn it into a laundry room/ come store room. Knock the dividing wall down between the kitchen and the dining room to make a big kitchen. And put an orangery on the back yo use as a dining room. We can't decide weather to have our windows replaced or have them repaired
I am drooling over other peoples kitchens on pinterest

Exciting times I am going to try and blog about it so I have an on line diary.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Monday, 1 February 2016

New York

So the Bottle opening turned into this its all booked and paid for now. We are going at the end of the month.

I haven't been to New York since I was 12 and I'm 51 on Friday so really really can't wait.


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Grand Bottle Opening

Well I opened my bottle

And it will turn into this 

My youngest daughter and I are hoping to go to New York for a few days at the beginning of March. Its pretty amazing how all that loose change mounts up and can turn into  a little break. It does help that she works for BA so we are getting it a bit cheaper.  

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Saving Money

Iv'e not been about as iv'e  been full of a cold.

I am doing this this year to help with next Christmas. I did it last year but didn't open it I put a £1.00 a day in a bottle and all the change out of my purse. We are thinking of having a little break in March so I will open it then to pay for that.

There are lots to choose from around the internet and other blogs.

If you do it good luck and happy saving.

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