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Hello my name is Donna. Thanks for visiting. I live in an Edwardian house in inner city Manchester, I love Baking, car booting, hunting around charity shops, and crafting.I work full time.I have two grown up children. And lots of spare time.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New year new start

Well it's been a whole year nearly since I blogged. In that time I have stopped smoking, learnt to swim and put lots of weight on. Been ill most of the year with colds and flu I even had a cold in Santorini in July. Whats that all about.
So this year I am going to lose this weight ( I am going to join a gym) and walk more, eat a more health diet.

I am going to empty my freezer and store cupboard before I go to Mr T's again, there is only three of us at home, Tash is busy being a student in Stoke most of the time, so I think I will set myself a challenge to use it all up and set myself a budget of £20.00 a week for bread, milk, veg and fruit. I think I have enough food in the house to last all of January anyone care to join.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Here he is the love. Lets see what Lovelies I get tomorrow

Saturday, 30 January 2010


Oh my god I can not believe it has been so long since i posted something on my blog. I have been ill most of last year. So I am determined to post here at least once a week from now on. Geoff's taking me shopping tomorrow for my birthday present, he says I have to go cos he doesn't know what I like GOD after 30 years you would think he knows me by now.I will post what I got tomorrow. He did very well with my Christmas presents, he just went into CK and said I will take everything the girls went with him though . God I was spoiled this year so only want a token birthday present.

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