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Friday, 1 February 2013

Pinch, Punch first of the month.

Pinch, Punch first of the month.

This is what people say in England on the first of the month, its meant to bring you luck.
Or some people say White Rabbits again another saying that meant o be lucky.
 Just found this to explain it all........

In England we have a funny tradition for the first day of each month.

  • First we say "Pinch, punch, it's the first of the month!" 
  • Then we give somebody a small pinch and a light punch on the arm.
  • We can do this on first day of every month.
If we follow this by saying white rabbit it means the receiver of the pinch punch can't return the saying and pinch punch us back!
This is a funny little tradition usually only done by kids or younger people. I remember that sometimes the punch from my school friends was a little more painful than it should have been, but boys will be boys!

White rabbit!

Do you have any little traditions for the first day of the month?
What are they?


Jeanne Ireland said...

That is so cute! I don't know of any traditions like that over here. Maybe I will try it on CH and see what his reaction is. He already thinks I am crazy.

January20 said...

It's interesting because I tend to say "white Rabbit" and apparently in some part of France they say "lapin, lapin" which means "rabbit, rabbit" although not in the part of France I come from. One to research I think!

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