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Hello my name is Donna. Thanks for visiting. I live in an Edwardian house in inner city Manchester, I love Baking, car booting, hunting around charity shops, and crafting.I work full time.I have two grown up children. And lots of spare time. This blog is my online diary where I can and do ramble on about my everyday life.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Thought i would resurrect my blog

Thought i would resurrect my blog, I don't know why I haven't posted for so long. My grandma would have been 100 today, if she were still alive.She died 5 years ago, she was a wonderful funny lady, who taught me allot.
I got to thinking about her on Saturday as I was sat making a patchwork quilt, the green fabric reminded me of an old eiderdown she used to have.
I wish we still had it it was really warm and snuggly.
Here's a picture of the quilt not yet finished


LittleGem said...

Donna you should be over on the patchwork thread showing us how its done! I love the colours you've used. Good to see your blog back xx

Donna said...

Thanks littlegem wheres the patchwork thtead

MaryPoppins said...

Well done Donna, it is fabulous, loving your blog too :)


angel said...

Lovely quilt honey, i'm sure you can chic up your home in 5 days! gosh your able to run up a quilt in a day..........it takes me months to do a quilt.... :-)

By the way the word veri today is Angly...... lol thats a brill word.

Mwah Honey, keep blogging.... please X x X x X x X

Lace hearts said...

Yay, you're back! Five days should be enough to do loads, if you've got a list. I find lists really get me organised... should go and do one now. x

LittleGem said...

Patchwork thread on the Shabby Chic Cafe, calle "Pretty Little Patchwork Quilt" xx

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