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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

|Lets Pray for the people of Nepal and surrounding areas

As planeloads of aid material, doctors and relief workers from neighbouring countries pour into Nepal, aid agencies have warned that the death toll is nearing 2,000 and could go much higher.
Hospitals across the impoverished nation are struggling to cope and a lack of equipment means attempting to find supplies and medicines from shops outside.
The poor quality of buildings in the Kathmandu Valley, which has a population of 2.5 million people, makes them susceptible to extensive damage.
Can i ask all my friends to help me help a close friend of mine Areen Amal obtain meds and other items i m planning to send to her to help all the one affected in Nepal
All help appreciated
Get in touch
Thank you

This is a message I received yesterday.
(specially Mumbai and surrounding areas) I am getting home to my EMS team tomorrow or latest by Wednesday! I need the following meds and supplies. Please let me know and deliver at the address I will be in-boxing to the interested donors!

NS, syringes, energy drinks, pain killers, paracetamol tabs, gauges, betadine, iv canulas, sutures, bandages, antibiotics, iv sets, cotton rolls, plaster supplies, oxygen masks, tubes and tapes etc. Please pack them up in boxes marked "Donations - medicine/supplies" and list out the names of items to be seen clearly on the packages.

that would be great! thanks all.

I will post the address if people want to help.

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